Sarah had only recently started her retail business when she was shocked to receive an infringement letter demanding she change her logo, website address and brand. Sarah was also asked to provide undertakings that would have effectively ended her business.

We carefully advised Sarah about her legal rights and how to best respond to the demand. Sarah asked us to assist with drafting the response letters to ensure that her position was protected and enhanced.

The result was an involved process that included a few rounds of negotiation.  It was important to Sarah to protect her rights and not be forced to change as this would have cost her tens of thousands of dollars and destroyed her brand goodwill.

With our advice and experience, Sarah was able to minimise the impact to her business, save costs and continue operating under the same brand.  We also assisted Sarah to register a trade mark, to protect her brand in the future.  Sarah was also provided with a comprehensive process to follow to protect any future brand that she created in the future.