This case underlines the importance for every business, entrepreneur and start-up to get advice and protect intellectual property.  The sooner this is done, the better.

Our client, Football Nation Radio (FNR), provides a dedicated football only radio station and digital media platform.  FNR applied to register its own name as a trade mark.  In a true David v Goliath battle, the sports media giant Crocmedia opposed FNR’s application as it wanted to use a similar trade mark in line with its existing use of “AFL Nation”.  Amongst others, it argued that“AFL” and “Football” are essentially the same and would be confused in the market place.

FNR secured an emphatic win and was awarded costs.  Each and every argument put forward by Crocmedia was outright rejected by the Australian Trade Marks Office.  This is a landmark decision for FNR and speaks to the very soul of its purpose and culture.  For more detail, see this article recently published on the Age website

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