Presentation for this Month

Steven Milicevic, Milicevic Lawyers –  “Franchising – the risks, the benefits and things you should know”

This month, we have the pleasure of hearing from Steven Milicevic of Milicevic Lawyers who has kindly agreed to present to us on “Franchising – the risks, the benefits and things you should know”.  Prior to his time running a legal practice, Steven spent several years as in-house counsel for one of the largest franchisors in Australia so he has seen how things really work from both sides of the fence.  Steven will be presenting on the following:

  • Buying a franchise, the checklist;
  • Franchise fees and royalties;
  • The risks to Accountants and their clients when dealing with franchise issues;
  • Tips and tricks; and
  • A practical case study.

Given that there are in excess of 1,100 franchise brands currently in Australia, undoubtedly, if you are in public practice, some of them may be your clients.  From an insolvency perspective, we are seeing a lot more franchises fail, largely due to the fact that people simply do not know what they are signing up for.  So, on that point, whether you have clients who are involved in a franchise or simply know someone who is in a franchise, may want to join a franchise or may be looking to franchise themselves, then I would highly recommend you attend our next discussion group session.