It was fantastic to see so many people attend this week’s webinar on Tips, Traps & FAQs: VIC Commercial Tenant Rent Relief Request 2021.

Clearly, it was a hot topic as Victorian Commercial Tenants rush to beat the 30.9.2021 deadline and meet the technical compliance requirements.   

It was also a really good mix of attendees.  Commercial tenants were well represented by numerous franchisees and tenants from the retail and hospitality industries, together with a few professional advisers.

Thank you to those who joined the webinar and asked some great questions.  There is always value in sharing experiences and learning from each other.   

You can access the webinar here and download the presentation slides here.

Please call us on 1300 55 88 03 if you need help with your rent relief request, or have questions about the Vic CTRS 2021.